Pedro Góis Nogueira
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Notes from The Divine Invasion, by Philip K. Dick

It is an archetypal timeless situation. God bringing men out of slavery and into freedom.

God can be defeated but only temporarily. With God the remedy is greater than the malady.

The Divine Machinery has a peculiar brutality to it.

He saw outside him the patern, the print, of his own brain; he was within a world made up of his brain with living information carried here and there like little rivers of shining red that were alive. He could reach out therefore, and touch his own thoughts. The room was filed with their fire, and immense spaces streched out the volume of his own brain external to him.

Meanwhile he introjected the outer world so that he contained it within him. He now had the universe inside him and his own brain outside everywhere. His brain extended into the vast spaces, far larger than the universe had been. Therefore he knew the extend of all things that were himself, and, because he had incorporated the world, he knew it and controlled it.

That which was below, his own brain, the microcosm, had become the microcosm, and, inside him as microcosm now, he contained the macrocosm, which is to say, what is above.

High art was for those who saw death rather than lived death. For the dying creature a cup of water was more important.

God does not desire any living thing’s death; God takes no delight in nonexistence. Do you know what God is? God is He Who causes to be. Put another way, if you seek the basis of being that underlies everything you will surely find God. You can work back to God from the phenomenal universe, or you can move from the Creator to the phenomenal universe. Each implies the other.

The Creator would not be the Creator if there were no universe, and the universe would cease to be if the Creator did not sustain it.

You are the breath of your Creator, and as he breathes in and out, you live. Remember that, for that sums up everything that you need to know about your God. There is first an exhalation from God, on the part of all creation; and then, at a certain point it starts its journey back, its inhalation. This cycle never ceases. You leave me; you are away from me; you start back; you rejoin me, You and everything else. It is a process and an event. It is an activity — my activity. It is the rhytm of my own being, and it sustains all.

God plays at dice?’ Zina said; she raised an eyebrow. ‘If necessary,’ Emmanuel said. ‘If there is no other way.’

There was a rupturing of the Godhead. A primordial schism, That’s the basis of it all, the trouble, these conditions here, Belial and the rest of it. A crisis that caused part of the Godhead to fall; the Godhead split and some remained transcended and some… became abased.

The quality of realness is more important than any other quality, because once realness departs, there is nothing.

Something cares about me and it has penetrated this world to warn me, he realized, and it os camouflaged as this world so that the master of this world, the lord of this unreal realm, will not know; not know it is here and not know it has told me. This is a terrible secret to know, he thought. I could be killed for knowing this.

I think that something dark and awful has gone wrong. You police are the paradigm of it, the epitome.

The nature of evil is to see in this fashion to pronounce this verdict of negation. Thus, he thought, it unmakes creation; it undoes what the Creator has brought into being. This also is a form of unreality, this veredict, this dreary aspect.

Everyman has na Advocate and na Accuser. (And will have to choose).

Sometimes in the equation that the strong protect the weak there is the difficulty in determing who is strong and who is weak.

We will win. We have already won. We have always already won from the beginning, from before the creation.

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